Quick Kitchen Update Ideas

Experts agree that a kitchen update is the home improvement that gives you the biggest ROI. Whether you’re upgrading to put your home on the market or just need to a fresh look for yourself, here are some trendy “Quick Kitchen Update Ideas” to trick out your kitchen.

Copper sinks
These are all the rage right now. It’s a bright and unexpected splash of color and shine that can perk up a kitchen without a major overhaul. Choose from textured hammered copper or a smooth finish. They have a lot of benefits — but also a few drawbacks, so consider your choice carefully.

Copper sinks are inherently antimicrobial and can be cleaned with just hot soapy water. They won’t chip, and if you don’t have a sealed finish then you won’t have to dry your sink after every use. They don’t rust over time; however, they do darken, and acidic liquids like citrus juice or ketchup can stain them. Many people who own copper sinks say they have a “living finish” — over time the color changes, lightening and darkening, and many copper sink owners find that to be a favorite feature. Prices start as low as $150 and can go to several thousand dollars. Beware of going too low-end, as cheaper, thinner-gauge models can warp, and a cheaper copper alloy will not stand up over time as well as a pure copper model. You may also need to invest in a sound-muffling method that can be attached to the underside of the sink as the noise of water running into copper can be somewhat loud.

Farmhouse sinks
Also called an apron-front sink, this style lends a rustic look to your kitchen and contributes to a homey feel. Farmhouse sinks come in many different types of materials. Fire clay, while one of the most popular, has a reputation for cracking from the drains outward, often caused by over tightening the plumbing. There are many other materials to choose from though, including porcelain, copper, and pewter. Cast iron looks lovely, but you need to be sure to place your china into a cast-iron sink carefully to avoid breakage.

Farmhouse sinks also come in different depths, so you should consider whether 7” or 10” — the most common depths — could be hard on your back, especially if you hand-wash a lot of dishes. Some people have problems with a lot of splashing, although that may be attributable to choosing a taller faucet for aesthetic reasons, as when the distance the water falls increases, so does the tendency to splash.

Appliance “bling”
If you’re looking for a less expensive or more dramatic change in your kitchen than a new sink can provide, dressing up your current appliances with some fancy colors and patterns is a fun and easy way to make a big change. Numerous choices in appliance-sized decals in a huge variety of styles can be found online, from Amazon to Etsy. Whiteboard-like stickers for the fridge provide a fun way to make a shopping list; polka-dot heat-resistant decals for the oven bring in a splash of whimsy. You can find bling for nearly every appliance, from your KitchenAid mixer to your washer and dryer.

Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. With just one of these changes, you can brighten your home and make an old space feel new again.


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